Friday, 16 October 2009

Fragile Carpets - Creative Embroidery

report by Kit Calladine - Textile and Print Coordinator
Now you see it, now you don't! Using soluble and distortable fabric as a base for stitched textiles is just MAGIC! - and Jean Littlejohn is one of the chief magicians!
She arrived at BAC this week with a whole new raft of ideas using gorgeous threads and yarns, paints and textiles. Under expert guidance, peppered with anecdotes, the group have made designs with huge stitches which have then been merged and softened on the embellishing machine.
Once the soluble fabric has been washed away these become flexible and will take futher stitching. Beautiful pieces.
And on day two...
Flimsy fabric stitched with fine, ephemeral patterns and then heated to make them even more ethereal. Now for the hand stitching, and possible beading...

Jean's visit coincides with the publication of two new books, jointly written with Jan Beaney - see their website Double Trouble.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Fabulous Hats continued...

Kit- Textile and Print Coordinator
I don't think the studio at Broadland Arts has ever seen anything quite like the amazing hats that have developed here during the day. The shouts of glee and admiration from the course participants drew me from making lunch in the kitchen to view the emerging creations. Such a diversity of colour and shape - truly wonderful and joyful. Hats off to Ewa!! She has been a powerhouse, driving the work forward with gentle guidance and flair.

We look forward to May 2010 when Ewa will be back at BAC for a one day workshop - 'Precious Purses and Pockets with Poetic Licence' - 21st May, and 'Light , Space and Structures' - May 22nd/23rd.

Please contact us for further details.

Fabulous Hats

Kit - Applied Art coordinator
I hear that schools are employing laughter coaches. Well, if I could have bottled and sold the laughter and giggles eminating from the studio this morning I could have made my fortune!

Ewa Kuniczak, felt artist, has driven down from Alloa in Scotland for a special ,by students request, two day workshop making 'Fabulous Hats'. Mrs Shilling eat your heart out!

Ewa, and her husband Sandy, arrived last night in their van packed with wonderful examples of head decoration, bundles of gloriously coloured fleece and all the manufacturing equipment needed.

As I write it's all gone a bit quieter as the students concentrate on drawing up designs and measuring their heads prior to working on patterns. After lunch the soaping and felting begins in earnest.

By the end of the first day the studio is left with each table holding a huge, amorphous, wet wool shape safely tucked under plastic. Will they really be hats by the end of tomorrows session? Watch this space!