Sunday, 6 June 2010

The amazing things you can do in felt

Isn't it stunning what you can make out of wool fibres!
Ewa Kuniczak has once more cast her spell over the studio at Dilham and the gorgeous pieces that were made amazed one and all - lots of laughter too at some very witty results. On the Friday we were treated to a day workshop entitled 'Precious Purses and Pockets with Poetic Licence'. Ewa brought along her wonderful bag that she had made with many pockets, inspired by the nursery poem 'Winken Blinken and Nod'. I wish I could post all the purses and pockets that evolved over the day, but here are two to make you smile; Marilyn, a complete beginner to felt making with her pansy purse and Diane's pocket for her copy of 'Warning - when I am an old woman I shall wear purple'!

Light, Space and Structures, Ewa's two day course which followed meant a new departure for all of us, using very fine felt to diffuse light, both natural and artificial. We trapped fibres and natural materials between cobweb-like felt and then gently stretched it in frames created from thin twigs and stems. The sunlight streaming in through the studio windows was diffused in a magical way. Then on the second day the shades for artificial lights cast a welcoming glow quite unlike any lamps I have ever seen - mysterious but warm and friendly.
If you fancy having a go at making felt objects, think about joining Ewa at BAC next year for 'Felt Fripperies' - jewellery, corsages and fascinators, or 'Fashion Felt Accessories' including slippers, mittens and sculptoral collars.

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  1. what fun it must be to get together with a bunch of others to play with felt!!