Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Painting Reality with William Calladine, President of the Guild of Norwich Painters

A very enthusiastic group joined William Calladine last week to set out on the adventure of ‘Painting Reality’. This five day course is the first of a three part series, making a practical in-depth study of the methods and craftsmanship of the great masters of classical European oil painting.

This year’s group, as with previous years, were astounded and in awe of William’s vast knowledge and expertise. He delights in showing them how to gesso their boards, grind pigments and add various mediums to obtain their paint. Then there’s the painting in of the underlying structure of the composition and over successive days building up the layers of paint to achieve the form and luminosity of the subject. The work produced by the students was terrific as you can see and all intend to be back for Part II next spring to further their quest.

A quote from one student summed up the feeling of the group. ‘If I’d had to go home after the first two days, it would still have been worth every penny and more.

If you would like to know more about 'Painting Reality' with William, get in touch with Angela. angela@broadlandarts.co.uk or 01692 536486

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